TCR-alpha/beta repertoires in MZ twins (main publication)
This study is the part of a bigger project which aims to investigate the influence of the genetic context on the T-cell diversity in humans. Here we compared alpha-beta TCR repertoires of several pairs of monozygotic (MZ) twins using an approach based on the Illumina sequencing. The TCR cDNA libraries were prepared using our RNA-based technology (the details are described here and in the main paper). Alpha and beta TCR repertoire reconstruction with error correction and clonotype formation was performed using an algorithm described here

Raw data are available at NCBI (SRA: SRP028752, BioProject: PRJNA214848)

Clonesets (cls.tar.gz) generated by MiTCR software are available as .cls-files and can be analyzed with MiTCRViewer

Clonesets (txt.tar.gz) generated by MiTCR software with incorrect out-of-frame CDR3 sequences filtered out (for details see the main paper) are available as .txt-files and are ready for analysis with any apropriate software

Sequences of HLA-A*0201/CMV(NV9)-specific clonotypes from individual A2 (see the main paper) are available here

*Naming conventions are the following: Twin[pair A/B/C][index of twin 1 or 2]_[A or B for alpha and beta chain]